I work with families in all areas of Los Angeles (encompassing the west side, east side, South Bay, San Fernando Valley, and San Gabriel Valley), as well as most cities in Southern California.


There are a lot of factors I look at closely to help narrow down which educational environments will be well-suited to your child, and which communities will fit your family as a whole. We'll talk in depth about your child's personality and learning style, as well as your educational goals and values as parents, to really hone in on the most important criteria for your family.

In addition to reviewing any available transcripts or testing reports, I also strongly advise doing a classroom observation of your child at their current school. This can be very valuable in identifying ideal school fits, and so I can provide insight to how they will likely be perceived by prospective schools during the student assessment.


I believe an expert should be purposeful and specialized. While many consultants choose to broadly work with students of all ages in the interest of attracting more business, very few actually have a skilled understanding of the developmental needs and nuances that are unique to younger children. My clients benefit from working with a child development specialist who can expertly evaluate the "whole child," and also guide parents through a uniquely family-focused process.



No. Any consultant who tells you they will guarantee an acceptance offer is a huge red flag and an indication they are selling false promises or operating unethically. My role and objective is to provide a professional opinion about schools that will be a good fit for your family, and to guide you knowledgeably through all stages of the school placement process.

As frequently as you need. Following your Initial Consultation, I am available to assist however it can be helpful and anytime questions or concerns arise.

You will also be provided with an Application Progress Tracker that each of us can access, modify and monitor for ongoing updates.


Absolutely. The public school system in Los Angeles is a complex maze to navigate, especially if you are exploring charters, magnets, and special programs. I recommend scheduling an Initial Consultation, so I can walk you through all of your public options, make recommendations that fit your family, and familiarize you with important details and deadlines. 


Yes, I can help you! I have successfully advised families who live in San Diego, Newport Beach, and Santa Barbara with their Admissions strategy. If you live outside of L.A. and want to take advantage of my Admissions expertise, please reach out.



Connecting great families with great schools.