I match families with schools that feel like home.

About Camille

I help parents and students navigate an otherwise puzzling process.

Whether you're trying to understand the educational landscape, identify target schools, or execute a strong application, I'm here to guide you through every step.

A modernized approach to
school placement:

Flexible consultancy options, tailored to you.

My toolbox includes 15+ years of championing families, working in schools, and having a front row seat to how and why Admissions decisions are made.

My Consultations are popular for a reason: ask questions, get clarity, and design your Admissions plan in a compact 60-minute session.

Information-packed meetings that save you time.

Whether you need clarity on a few specific questions, or prefer comprehensive guidance through the entire Admissions process, you have the option to decide what suits you best.

Expertise based on seasoned understanding of Admissions and early childhood development.

I designed my signature program based on 200+ client case studies and an insider's view of the private school Admissions process. 

Over the course of my career, I've developed strong relationships with distinguished schools and Admissions Directors, as well as administrators in the California Department of Education and the National Association of Independent Schools. I've led comprehensive Admissions workshops for parent groups, been interviewed on The Motherbird Podcast, partnered with corporate companies to facilitate school placement for their relocating employees, and served as an educational advisor for over 200 local and international families.

From elementary through graduate school, my personal educational background has spanned 5 countries, an experience that opened my eyes to the incredible range of educational philosophies and practices. I was also fortunate to grow up in the wingspan of my wonderful mom, a steadfast advocate who spearheaded critical educational policy changes and co-founded The International School of Monterey. 

Prior to consulting privately, I oversaw and directed the Pre-K division at Piper Preschool, highly regarded for shepherding preschoolers into L.A's finest elementary schools. On an annual basis, I oversaw 4 classrooms, closely tracked the progress of 75 students, mentored a 12-person teaching team, optimized the curriculum to ensure students were well-prepared for their Kindergarten transitions, and guided every Pre-K family through their unique Kindergarten Admissions and placement journey.

As a trusted partner in school placement, I have dialogued directly with Admissions Directors regarding how they weigh applications, and which factors can influence an acceptance, rejection, or waitlist consideration. I've seen firsthand what helps an application stand out from the rest, and how schools determine if the family as a whole is a good fit for their community.

Meanwhile, I've stayed equally apprised on L.A.'s complex public school system, so my clients who are interested in charters, magnets, and special public programs can navigate those options with clarity and ease.

Ultimately, my approach to school placement is built on matching the whole family to the right place. My priority is to thoroughly understand each of my student's developmental needs, so I can pinpoint ideal learning environments that will set them up for a success, ensure those communities align with your family as a whole, and guide you thoughtfully towards calling that school "home."

Camille de Mondesir


• 15 years in educationAL LEADERSHIP

My life's work, and the reason I started The Placing Method, is to champion families. 

"Camille was an invaluable resource. Not only is she an incredibly warm and empathetic human being, but she knows the private schools well - and they know her."


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