Imagine this:

I'm Camille, and I help you get there.

Walking your child onto campus on their first day of school, with their backpack and lunchbox in tow, feeling like it's your family's home away from home.

I'm a seasoned educator with expertise in Los Angeles school placements.

After a decade in the educational sector, I have an insider’s view of the Admissions process alongside strong relationships with top-tier K-12 schools across the city.

Prior to independent consulting, I was the Director of Pre-K at Piper Preschool, a prestigious private school in Los Angeles. On an annual basis, I oversaw 75 Pre-K students, 12 teachers, and 4 classrooms. I also guided each family through Kindergarten Admissions and placement, while working in partnership with distinguished independent schools across the city.

I now privately advise and advocate for a limited number of families per Admissions season, and devote all my time to ensure each of my clients has a fully personalized Admissions plan. 

Camille de Mondesir

Founder of The Placing Method

You know a great education is where success starts, and you need guidance on what learning environment will empower your child to thrive academically, socially, and independently.

There are incredible school options to choose from in Los Angeles, but even the sanest of parents have lost their minds trying to comb through each one and learn the nuances of private, public, pluralistic, progressive, traditional, charter and magnet settings.

And then there's the admissions process.

It's an opportunity to shine and seamlessly hit it off with your dream school, but too often it's where parents inadvertently stumble, slip up, and self-sabotage.

You're a parent. You've found your way to me, which tells me your love for your child is so great you only want the best for their future.

This is where I come in with a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils, a roadmap to finding the perfect school for your child, and a sophisticated toolbox to help you get there.



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